Ulster Scots

Fair faa ye tae the wabsteid o’ the Norlin Airlan Polisin Boord.

The Polisin Boord bes a free stannin boadie maide ap o’ 19 members tae mak’ siccar o’ the gien o’ an effective, weill waarkin accountable an’ impartial polis service fer ivryboadie i Norlin Airlan at wul hae the confidence o’ aa fowk.

Oor Airts o’ Waark:

Owresicht o’ PSNI                                     Fowks’ Richts

Engagin’ wi’ Community                          Research an’ Statistics

District Polisin Partnerschips                    Community an’ Pensions

Gettin’ oantae iz

Thair ir a wheen o’ differ wies tae get oantae iz.

Ye’ll bae fit tae get oantae iz bae tellyphone oan

028 9040 8500

Gif ye’re gettin’oantae iz bae tellyphone tak’ tent at thaim at waark tae iz irnae multileedit an’ wulnae bae fit tae repone tae caas at irnae i the Inglis leid.  Hooiniver we’d bae sarious gled tae get a screed, fax ir epoast fae ye.  Gif thon bes i a leid ither nor Inglis we wul hae hit owreset an’ mak’ a repone tae ye.

Quyhles the boord wul ettle tae repone tae yer speirin hit wulnae allus bae fit tae gie owreset coapies o’ a boord publication.  Quhan dalin wi’ speirins fer wittens i leids ither nor Inglis the boord wul tak’ tent o’ the owreaa cost o’ maakin a substantive repone i a leid ither nor Inglis.  The mair at the boord bes mindit tae mak’ siccar hit communicates effectively wi’ aa o’ hit’s customers an’ at hit’s services ansuer the needs o’ the customer, thair micht bae tims quhan the boord wulnae bae fit tae gie wittens i the leid axed fer.

Ye’ll bae fit tae sen’ a screed tae iz aa:

Norlin Airlan Polisin Boord,
Watterside Tower,
31 Clarendon Road,
Clarendon Dock,
Bilfawst, BT1 3BG.

Ye’ll bae fit tae sen’ a fax tae iz aa:

028 9040 8525

Ye’ll bae fit tae sen’ iz an epoast tae:


Text Phone:

028 9052 7668


Gif ye’re heided tae the Polisin Boord fer a meetin’ maps can bae gat fer tae gie ye a han’ tae fin’ iz.

A locail map at shews quhar the Polisin Boord bes aa i Clarendon Dock can bae gat fae:


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