Policing with the Community Strategy

The Policing with the Community 2020 Strategy, published by the PSNI in March 2011 aims to support the delivery of community confidence, satisfaction and safety through personal, professional and protective policing.

The Board has worked with PSNI to ensure that engagement and partnership with communities are at the core of everything the police do. Key to this is the need to embed in the police organisation a culture that encourages and enables communities to become involved in helping their areas to become safer. The Board acknowledges that there are many excellent examples where local level engagement between the police and the community is producing positive results. But it also considers that this policy and practice has been a somewhat fragmented approach.

The Policing with the Community 2020 Strategy provides a new opportunity to deliver a consistent standard and style of policing building upon existing foundations.

The PSNI has shown over the last decade that it is willing to deliver radical reforms to policing. The Board and PSNI have agreed it is necessary for similar leadership and boldness again. So the key test is not simply identifying what needs to change, but making it happen. The success of Policing With the Community will be based on building confidence in policing within the community through effective engagement and partnership working and, of course, the quality of service expected by communities. This is what the Board will hold the PSNI to account for delivering.

The Board will continue to work with PCSPs, the PSNI and the community to achieve the full extent of the changes envisaged by the Independent Commission on Policing.

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