Monitoring and Reporting

During the year the Policing Board monitors and reviews PSNI’s progress in meeting the targets set out in the Annual Policing Plan. This oversight is carried out in part during the Policing Board’s public meetings where the Chief Constable provides a progress report on targets and is questioned on a quarterly basis on performance against targets.

Reports are also received from the PSNI on qualitative targets at timescales specified in the relevant Policing Plan target. This process of accountability allows the Chief Constable to outline actions being taken to address underperformance and to outline good practice which has resulted in improved performance.

After the end of the financial year the Chief Constable submits an annual report on policing to the Policing Board. This report is published by the Chief Constable and sent to the Justice Minister who lays it before the Assembly.

The Policing Board also publishes an Annual Report  which includes information on the extent to which targets in the Annual Policing Plan have been achieved.