The Policing Board is an independent public body made up of 19 Political and Independent Members established to ensure for all the people of Northern Ireland an effective, efficient, impartial, representative and accountable police service which will secure the confidence of the whole community, by reducing crime and the fear of crime. Members of the Policing Board are bound by a Code of Conduct contained within its Standing Orders at Appendix 2.

The ten Political Members, who are all Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly are appointed under d'Hondt principles. The nine Indepndent Members are appointed by the Justice Minister.

Through meetings of the Policing Board, and through the work of its committees, it holds the Chief Constable to account for his actions and those of his staff.

Members of the public and press may attend monthly Policing Board meetings in public.  

While the meetings of the Board are held in private you can access the agenda for a meeting, or the approved minutes of a meeting by viewing the Minutes and Agendas page.