Background of the Policing Plan

Issuing a Policing Plan is one of the key legislative responsibilities of the Board. Section 25(1) of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000 provides for the Policing Board to determine the objectives [the Board and PSNI call them Outcomes] for the policing of Northern Ireland.  
To comply with this statutory duty the Board develop the Outcomes within the context of the Northern Ireland Policing Plan. These are developed in partnership with the PSNI and outline what we want for the people of Northern Ireland in relation to policing. The Policing Plan also includes a set of Indicators which collectively tell us if we have made progress towards achieving the Outcomes.

The Policing Plan 2020-2025 will allow the Board and the PSNI to assess and monitor the impact of the Plan over a longer period. The Board is mindful that issues or opportunities could emerge during 2020-2025 which may impact on what we want to achieve or how we plan to do it. To ensure we can respond to these the Board will re-issue the Policing Plan on an annual basis and explain any changes that may have been made in response to new circumstances.

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