Information Systems Strategy

The PSNI ICT Strategy has been developed to cover the period 1 April 2014 – 31 March 2017. The strategy has evolved from the 2010-2014 IS Strategy and has focused on key IT priorities while remaining considerate of the finite resources available in meeting the expectations of PSNI and the public. The PSNI ICT Strategy 2014 fulfils Patten Recommendation 93 which stated that:-

“There should be an urgent, independent and in-depth strategic review of the use of information technology in policing. It should benchmark the Northern Ireland police against police services in the rest of the world and devise a properly resourced strategy that places them at the forefront of law enforcement technology within 3 to 5 years. It should be validated by independent assessment. The strategy should deliver fully integrated technology systems that are readily accessible to all staff and should take advantage of the best analytical and communications systems currently available. Users of the technology should play a key part in devising the strategy and in assessing its implementation”

The ICT Strategy covers all aspects of PSNI’s work including operational policing, policing and organisational support, systems integration and infrastructure development.

The Board monitors the implementation of the ICT Strategy, as detailed in the Policing Plan, through the Resources Committee.