News - 2014

Board publishes final pieces of confidence in policing research

09 December 2014
The Policing Board has published the final pieces of research commissioned on public confidence in policing

Board welcomes publication of CJINI report

04 December 2014
Welcoming the publication of the CJI NI Report on the operation of Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs),

Policing of Race Hate Crime under review

06 November 2014
Board seeks Independent Members to join PCSPs in new Council areas

Board publishes confidence in policing research

06 November 2014
Board publishes confidence in policing research

Policing Board to hold public meeting in Derry/Londonderry

04 November 2014
Policing Board in partnership with Derry Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) is holding a public meeting

New police officers congratulated at Graduation Ceremony

10 October 2014
The Chief Constable along with the Chair of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, attended the graduation ceremony

PSNI Budget cuts stark

02 October 2014
Policing Board Members have been told by the Chief Constable that the £51.4m cuts required to policing

Young Leaders Get Set To Go Stateside

25 September 2014
Twelve young leaders from across NI are set to visit the United States as part of an innovative new leadership programme

Policing Board Appoints new Deputy Chief Constable

15 September 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has appointed ACC Drew Harris as the new Deputy Chief Constable

Resolution on information provision to PONI welcomed

02 September 2014
Issues regarding the provision of information to the Police Ombudsman's office have been resolved

Board publishes cybercrime research

07 August 2014
Research on the policing of cybercrime, the first of its kind to be commissioned in Northern Ireland, has been published

Board meets with the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

31 July 2014
The Policing Board today met with the the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to discuss a range of issues

Board Chair Condemns Attack on Police Officers

31 July 2014
Board Chair Anne Connolly has voiced her condemnation at the gun attack on police officers in Derry early this morning.

Annual Report published

17 July 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has published its annual report which contains an overview of the work of the Board

Board urges support for policing

10 July 2014
Members of the Policing Board today received a briefing from ACC Kerr on the policing plans in place for the Twelfth

Board holds roundtable meeting on hate crime

09 July 2014
Members of the Policing Board have met with representatives from key organisations across Northern Ireland

Policing Board Confirms Assistant Chief Constable Appointment

27 June 2014
The Policing Board has confirmed that Stephen Martin will be substantively appointed as ACC for the PSNI

Reinstatement of Police Widows’ pensions after Remarriage

20 June 2014
The Board as part of its role as Police Pension Scheme Administrator is responsible for providing information to scheme

PSNI complaint figures rise by 14%

19 June 2014
Members of the Board questioned senior PSNI officers on the cause of the the highest number of complaints against PSNI

Reporting on Custody Visiting

13 June 2014
Custody Visitors across Northern Ireland have made 857 unannounced visits to people being held in police custody

New Chief Constable appointment date confirmed

05 June 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has confirmed that George Hamilton will take up the position of Chief Constable

Public perceptions of policing published

29 May 2014
The latest survey on the public’s perception of policing in Northern Ireland has been published today

New PSNI Chief Constable announced

29 May 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has appointed George Hamilton as the new Chief Constable for the PSNI

Latest police officer recruitment campaign welcomed

28 May 2014
Board Chair Anne Connolly has voiced her support for the latest police officer recruitment campaign which opens today.

Response to hate crime discussed

08 May 2014
Policing Board Members today discussed the police response to hate crime and also heard from the Rainbow Project

Annual Crime Statistics published

08 May 2014
The latest crime statistics for Northern Ireland show that there were 102,746 crimes recorded by the PSNI in 2013/14.

Board seeks Independent Volunteers to monitor PSNI recruitment process

28 April 2014
The Policing Board is looking for volunteers to monitor future PSNI recruitment campaigns.

New Corporate Plan Published

03 April 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board today published its new Corporate Plan for 2014 – 2017.