News - November 2016

Progress made on Police College Report

11 November 2016
Members of the Policing Board held a special meeting (10/11/16) to consider the final plans for implementation

Get wise to scams – if you can spot it, you can stop it

10 November 2016
Phishing, vishing, smishing… do you know what these are and how to stop becoming a victim of them?

Statement on Police College Review

07 November 2016
The Policing Board has received findings of a comprehensive review into the operations of the Police College

Public perceptions of policing published

03 November 2016
The Policing Board has published the latest survey on the public’s perception of policing in Northern Ireland. The Omn

Reflecting and Refocusing: 15 years on

03 November 2016
150 delegates are attending a major conference today (3 November) organised by the Policing Board and the Police Service

15 years of policing

02 November 2016
To reflect on the achievements and challenges of police reform over the last 15 years the Northern Ireland Policing