People Strategy

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The Policing Board’s Resources Committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the PSNI’s People Strategy. The Board developed and agreed a Strategic Monitoring Framework which enables the Policing Board to effectively monitor the PSNI's Human Resources function. The Committee will continue to scrutinise this area of work every 3 months. The main areas of focus are:

Composition: - the Board, in accordance with the Police (NI) Act 2000, has a duty to assess the effectiveness of measures taken to ensure that the membership of the police and police support staff is representative of the community.

Addressing gender imbalance - Section 48 of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000 requires the Board to develop an action plan to monitor the number of females employed by the PSNI and the Board. The action plan, developed by PSNI, is designed to address gender imbalance in both police staff and police officers and aims to help to deliver a police service which both men and women experience as a progressive and professional service. Progress is monitored by the Resources Committee every six months as part of their monitoring of PSNI’s Equality, Diversity and Good Relations Strategy.

Monitoring PSNI Absence - PSNI absence continues to be monitored every 3 months by the Resources Committee as part of the People Strategy.