Police Pension Calculator

The Northern Ireland Police Pension Calculator has been created to provide PSNI officers with an illustration of benefit entitlement at an appointed retirement date and can be accessed here NI Police Pension Calculator. The calculator covers benefits across the 1988, 2006 and 2015 Police Pension Schemes.

The calculator is for guidance purposes only and is not a guarantee of future benefits. It is not intended to provide you with financial advice. If you require financial advice, you should contact an independent financial adviser.

What the calculator does provide:

  • The calculator offers an illustration of benefits, presented in today’s money terms, that may become payable at a retirement date selected by you
  • It shows benefits payable for each scheme you have been a member of and also an estimate of the maximum lump sum that could be payable
  • The calculator also makes available a printable copy of the outputs

What the calculator does not provide:

  • Information about any optional benefits such as additional pension and additional voluntary contributions
  • Any entitlements your spouse, civil partner or adult partner may receive
  • How your pension is calculated
  • The effect of pensions tax changes on your benefits

If you have any issues with the NI Police Pension Calculator, please contact PSNI Pensions Branch: pensions@psni.pnn.police.uk.

NI Police Pension Calculator - FAQs