Training Education & Development Strategy

Training needs image

The PSNI Training, Education and Development Strategy sets out what the PSNI will do to ensure that their officers and civilian support staff have the necessary skills to do their job and that those skills are maintained and developed.

The Policing Board monitors the implementation of this Strategy every six months through a monitoring framework. The Policing Board particularly monitors how effectively human rights is threaded through all training; how training needs are identified and met; the openness and transparency of the Police College; the effectiveness of local training at districts; and the Training Budget.

Training in PSNI is delivered throughout Northern Ireland at nine sites: Garnerville, Steeple, Mahon Road, Maydown, Gough, Enniskillen, Ballykinler, Ladas Drive and Magilligan. Training is also delivered in each of the local District Command Units. All training is monitored by the Policing Board.