Corporate Plan and Business Plan

Corporate Plan 2020-2023 and Business Plan 2021-22  Northern Ireland Policing Board

What is the Corporate Plan?

Our Corporate Plan sets out the key areas of work that the Policing Board will be focusing on over the next three years. This plan has been developed through public consultation, and your feedback has helped us form the outcomes, objectives and actions that will ensure we deliver effective oversight of policing for the people of Northern Ireland.

The Business Plan gives more detail on how we plan to achieve what we’ve laid out in our Corporate Plan. This will be constantly monitored and updated every year to ensure we’re working efficiently and reacting to changing situations.


There are three overarching outcomes for the Board’s Corporate Plan, in line with the outcomes in The Policing Plan 2020-2025:

  1. We have a safe community;
  2. We have confidence in policing; and
  3. We have engaged and supportive communities.


The Board has set four key objectives based on these outcomes. These will direct our work:

  1. To monitor resourcing plans for the PSNI, advocating on issues which support policing including transformational change and delivery of a representative service;
  2. To monitor, oversee and assess the performance of the PSNI through the Board and its Committees and to ensure the delivery of Human Rights based, community focused policing;
  3. To work collaboratively with the community, PCSPs and partners to deliver the outcomes for policing and allow them to be informed and engaged with the Board’s work; and
  4. To deliver independent, fair and transparent processes for former and serving officers in line with Police Pension, Injury Benefit and Appeals legislation.