Our Work

The main statutory duties and responsibilities of the Policing Board are to:

  • secure an effective and efficient local police service;
  • appoint (and dismiss, if necessary) the Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable, Assistant Chief Constables and senior civilian staff;
  • consult widely with local people on how their area is policed;
  • set priorities and targets for police performance;
  • monitor the work of the police and how well they perform against the targets set by the Policing Board;
  • publish a rolling three year policing plan each year which informs people what they can expect from their police service and reports on police performance every year;
  • ensure local people get best value from the police;
  • oversee complaints against senior officers;
  • discipline senior officers.

To find out more about our work, have a look through the subheadings listed on this page.

For detailed information on the statutory duties of the Policing Board, read the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000 as amended by the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2003