Making a Request

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives any individual the right to request information from public authorities.

If information is requested that is already available on the Board’s Publication Scheme, the Board is not required to provide it. The applicant will be advised to access the Publication Scheme

Making a Valid Request

To be valid under the Freedom of Information Act, requests:

  • Must be made in writing to the FOI team (letter, fax, email or via Twitter or Facebook)
  • Must identify the information being sought
  • Can be made from anywhere in the world
  • Can be made by an individual or an organisation
  • Must be legible, and
  • Must contain the proper name of the applicant and an address. It should be noted that if you make a request via Twitter or Facebook using a pseudonym, the Policing Board may accept the request and process it. However, as technically the Information Commissioner's Office does not view requests using pseudonyms as valid, any subsequent complaint will not be dealt with by them.

More details can be found in our Freedom of Information Policy

Please see a copy of our Privacy Notice which sets out how we will handle your personal information