Police Pensions and Injury Benefits

The Policing Board’s responsibilities in respect of police pension and injury benefits are overseen by the Resources Committee under the following Police Regulations:

This work is delegated to the Policing Board’s Police Pensions and Injuries Benefits Branch which:

  • Consults and liaises with the Department of Justice in respect of police service regulations and their impact on the PSNI.
  • Consults on amendments to police officers pay, conditions and pensions negotiated by the Police Remuneration Review Body and (from 1st September 2014) the United Kingdom Police Pensions Consultative Forum.
  • Manages and administers Injury on Duty Award applications for former police officers (serving officers only when submitted with Ill Health Retirement application).
  • Considers dependents' pension awards applications.

Applications to the Policing Board can be downloaded here for:

  • Injury on Duty Award (including requested reviews);
  • Deferred pension to be brought into payment early due to ill-health; or
  • Appeals