Police Pensions and Injury Benefits

The Policing Board’s responsibilities in respect of police pension and injury benefits are overseen by the Resources Committee under the following Police Regulations:

This work is delegated to the Policing Board’s Police Administration Branch which:

  • Consults and liaises with the Department of Justice in respect of police service regulations and their impact on the PSNI.
  • Consults on amendments to police officers pay, conditions and pensions negotiated by the Police Remuneration Review Body and (from 1st September 2014) the United Kingdom Police Pensions Consultative Forum (see the Department of Justice notice).
  • Manages and administers Injury on Duty Award applications for former police officers (serving officers only when submitted with Ill Health Retirement application).
  • Considers dependents' pension awards applications.

Applications to the Policing Board can be downloaded here for:

  • Injury on Duty Award (including requested reviews);
  • Deferred pension to be brought into payment early due to ill-health; or
  • Appeals

The current contract for Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP) services will end on 30 September 2016 and all appointments for medical assessments have now been allocated until the end of the contract.

New arrangements to deliver the SMP service from the Northern Ireland Policing Board offices in Clarendon Dock, Belfast are currently being finalised.  Individuals will be asked to make a selection from a list of available SMPs and appointments will be allocated on that basis.   Therefore, from Monday 18 July 2016, all assessments, reassessments and reconsiderations ready for referral to the SMP will be processed once the list is compiled and the new arrangements are finalised. A copy of the list will be published on the Board's website.

It is anticipated that appointments under the new SMP arrangements will commence in October/November 2016. Cases will continue to be prepared up to the point of referral by Police Administration Branch staff. Once a list of SMPs has been established, claimants will be contacted in chronological order to make their selection.  Appointments will then be allocated on the basis of the chosen Selected Medical Practitioner's availability.

We thank you for your patience whilst these new arrangements are being finalised and implemented.