Police Pension Board

Northern Ireland Police Pension Board Annual Reports can viewed in the publications page.

A new Police Pension Scheme (the 2015 PPS) was introduced on 1 April 2015 under the Police Pension Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015  The 2015 PPS established a new governance structure for the scheme (and connected schemes such as the 1988 and 2006 Police Pension Schemes) in the form of a Pension Board and Scheme Advisory Board.

The Policing Board as Scheme Manager is responsible for managing and administering the Scheme and for establishing and operating the Police Pension Board. The Department of Justice has set up and provides secretariat support to a Scheme Advisory Board.  Further information on the latter should be sought from the Department of Justice.

The Police Pension Board provides assistance to the Board:

a) to secure compliance with -

    i.      the scheme regulations;
    ii.     any other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the scheme and any connected scheme; and
    iii.    any requirements imposed by the Pensions Regulator in relation to the scheme or any connected scheme; and

b) in the performance of the Scheme Manager’s functions under the Regulations.

The Police Pension Board’s remit does not extend to injury benefit or compensation schemes.

Police Pension Board Members

The Police Pension Board consists of an Independent Chair and the following members:

Michael Burton (Independent Chair)

Sinead Simpson (Policing Board)

Aislinn McGuckin (Policing Board)

Alison McClune (Police Service of Northern Ireland)

Liam Kelly  (Police Federation NI)

Superintendent Amanda Ford (Superintendent’s Association NI)

ACC McEwan (Chief Police Officers Staff Association)

Brian Quinn


The Police Pension Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015 require an Independent Chair and equal numbers of employer and employee representative members. The Chair’s appointment is not subject to the public appointments process.  However, the Scheme Manager carried out a tender process for the position, which was advertised on the Policing Board’s website and social media sites.

Nominations were sought from employer and employee representative organisations to sit on the Police Pension Board and appointments were agreed by the Chair, with the Scheme Manager’s approval.

The terms of reference set out the Police Pension Board’s operational procedures, including the terms and conditions of appointment for members.

Police Pension Board Meetings

Meetings of the Police Pension Board are held quarterly and require a quorum of 4 members. The members in attendance must include at least one employer representative and one member representative.

All Members excluding independents have a single vote on any items arising for decision during meetings.

While the meetings of the Police Pension Board are held in private you can access the approved minutes of a meeting through the publications page of the Board’s website.


Minutes from previous years can be obtained by request

Reporting Breaches of the Law Policy

Reporting Breaches of the Law Policy