If you wish to appeal against a Selected Medical Practitioner’s (SMP) decision, you may appeal to the Independent Medical Referee (IMR). You must normally give written notice of your appeal to the Policing Board within 28 days of receiving the report from the SMP. The relevant forms to be completed will then be issued to you.

It is worth noting that if you have been granted Ill Health Retirement, but refused an Injury on Duty Award, you can still appeal against the refusal of the Injury on duty Award without it affecting your Ill Health Retirement.

You may appeal to the Medical Appeal Tribunal if you are unhappy about a decision relating to:

  • a claim for payment of benefits;
  • entitlement to receive payment of benefits where no claim was required to be made;
  • a claim for payment of a larger amount of benefits than the amount granted;
  • a decision as to whether a refusal to accept medical treatment is reasonable;
  • the reduction of the amount of pension you receive due to default;  
  • forfeiture of a pension.

Appeals to the IMR or Medical Appeal Tribunal are administered by the Department of Justice. Written notification of your appeal, along with the grounds and supporting evidence, should be provided to the Department of Justice.