Board Chair condemns violence in North Belfast

14 July 2015

Board Chair Anne Connolly said:

“The disorder that erupted in North Belfast last night is totally unacceptable and I condemn all those who took part in this senseless violence. Attacking the police while they are trying to protect communities is completely wrong and my thoughts are with the officers who were injured. My thoughts are also with the 16 year old girl who was hurt in a vehicle collision during the disturbances.

Unfortunately there were also attacks on other police officers across Belfast yesterday and I wish all those who were injured a speedy recovery.

We had hoped that the scenes of violence witnessed last night were a thing of the past, but clearly there is a minority who do not want Northern Ireland to move on. They have disregarded all those in the community who have worked hard to ease tensions and must be brought to justice.”


For more information please contact the Policing Board’s Press and Public Relations Office on 07801738795.