Board concern at increase in sexual offending

22 May 2015

The Policing Board’s Performance Committee have expressed their concern at the significant increase in the number of sexual offences against children, rape and domestic abuse. At a meeting today (21 May) with the Head of the PSNI’s Public Protection Branch, Committee Members were updated on new arrangements within the Unit.

Chair of the Committee Jonathan Craig MLA said: “The Committee welcomes the fact the PSNI have brought together under one command their resources and expertise to deal with a range of protection issues including domestic abuse, child abuse and rape crime.

Members are concerned about the significant increases in these crimes, particularly in sexual offences against children. Whilst there are some explanations for this, such as increased confidence amongst victims in coming forward to police and the possibility that some people may recognise and acknowledge that they have been a victim of historic abuse, there remains a concern that the increase is also a result of more offending.

Clearly this is a problem for society as a whole to address. However, from a policing perspective, the PSNI must continue their work in the prevention, detection and prosecution of abuse and the Board has set challenging objectives within this year’s Policing Plan to ensure this area of crime continues to be tackled.”


For further information, please contact the Northern Ireland Policing Board’s Communications Office on 07801738795.

Notes to editors

Details statistics on all the crimes can be found on the PSNI website.
Targets set in the Policing Plan can be viewed on the Board’s website.

Notes to editors ends.