Board response to catastrophic PSNI data breach


The Board today, 10 August 2023, have had a robust exchange with the Chief Constable and senior Police Service of Northern Ireland officers and staff about the recent catastrophic data breach.

Following the meeting, Board Chair Deirdre Toner said:

“The personal impact of this data breach on the 10,000 PSNI officers and staff affected cannot be overstated. Their safety and welfare, and the steps being taken by PSNI to communicate with staff and address their concerns were at the forefront of our discussions with the Chief Constable and his senior team at the extraordinary Board meeting that was held this morning.

The Board also heard directly from the Police Federation and NIPSA, who represent the majority of the staff impacted and Members were left in no doubt that this breach has left many staff shocked, worried and angry.

This breach has been identified as due to human error, with very serious consequences. Board members discussed the immediate actions PSNI are taking to support officers and staff.

Members have impressed upon the senior team the need to ensure every necessary step will be taken to reassure and protect affected staff, and to put the safeguards in place that will ensure this cannot happen again.

In addition, Members discussed with the Chief Constable and senior team the end-to-end review process of information security management which is now needed, and will agree with the senior team the scope of this review and the expertise needed to deliver it.

This breach is a very grave matter and will remain the focal point for Board meetings with PSNI for many months to come until we are reassured that the recommendations from the review are fully implemented.”


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