Board updated on policing and NCA operations

07 November 2019

Lyne Owens NCA meets Board

Policing Board Members met with Lynne Owens, Director General of the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Chief Constable today to discuss NCA support to the PSNI and issues relating to the operation and performance of the Agency.  Speaking after the meeting, Board Chair Professor Anne Connolly said: 

“Discussions today focussed on the additionality that the NCA brings to policing in Northern Ireland and how specialist capabilities assist the PSNI within Northern Ireland and across other jurisdictions.  The Reports presented to the Board highlighted some of the successful operations that the NCA has supported in recent months and how NCA has assisted PSNI investigations.

It is important that there are tangible benefits from the specialist work that the NCA brings to policing here and understanding of how that work impacts in terms of seizing criminal assets and tackling organised crime. The successful recent use of an unexplained wealth order to seize assets is one such example which also highlights the need to extend this legislative provision to the PSNI.  

Questions on operations involving money laundering, tackling child exploitation and firearms were pursued by Board Members as well as NCA support to the Paramilitary Crime Task Force.  As the NCA is leading on the assessment of the impact of the EU Exit on policing and law enforcement agreements, Members also sought an update on the position with the work being progressed.”

Prior to the meeting with the Director General, Board Members questioned the Chief Constable on a number of ongoing issues and investigations which have been of significant public interest including support being given by the PSNI to Essex police in respect of the investigation in to the deaths of 39 men and women discovered at Grays, Essex, on Wednesday 23 October.

Questions were also raised on the position with the police investigation and collaboration with An Garda Síochána in response to the recent attack on Mr Lunney and threats made to Quinn Industrial Holdings Directors. Given the serious impact of this, assurances were also sought around policing resources in the Fermanagh area and ongoing police work to provide public assurance.


For further information, please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 07801738795.

Notes to editors

  1. The latest NCA Performance Report can be found here:
  2. Picture caption 1:  Board Chair Anne Connolly with Director General of the National Crime Agency Lynne Owens and Chief Constable Simon Byrne. Picture caption 2: Chief Constable Simon Byrne and Director General of the NCA Lynne Owens at the November Board meeting.