Board urges support for policing

10 July 2014

Members of the Policing Board today received a briefing from ACC Kerr on the policing plans in place for the Twelfth period. The following statement was agreed for issue after the meeting.

“The Chief Constable has already made it clear to the Board that the PSNI are prepared for all eventualities in the coming period. He has underlined his commitment and that of his officers to upholding the law, working with communities to find solutions and to protecting human rights in all policing operations.

As a Board we urge all those involved in parades and parades related protests to work with the police to ensure that these pass both lawfully and peacefully.

We are only too aware of the costs of street confrontations for our community, for our police service and for our officers.

We welcome the strong political and community calls for peaceful and lawful protest. Those who choose to engage in disorder will have to face the consequences of their actions but we hope that all those with influence will continue to use it to ensure that events pass without incident.”


For further information please contact the Policing Board’s Communications Branch on 07801 738795