Board Vice Chair condemns violence following the Anti Internment League parade

10 August 2015

The Vice Chair of the Northern Ireland Policing Board Debbie Watters has condemned the violence following the Anti Internment League (AIL) parade in Belfast yesterday. She said:

“The violence directed against the PSNI after the AIL parade is inexcusable and I trust that the nine officers injured make a speedy recovery.

The police had to prepare for and put in place a very significant operation to respond to the determination of the Parades Commission.

The failure of the organisers to engage in dialogue with the police on plans was very disappointing. Dialogue is critical in dealing with the issue of parades and protests and without engagement the planning for the operation was made more challenging for the police. The violence after the parade cannot be justified in any way and must be condemned by all.”


For any further information please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 07801 738795