Board welcomes publication of CJINI report

04 December 2014

Welcoming the publication of the CJINI Report on the operation of Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs), Policing Board Member and Co-Chair of the PCSP Joint Committee Dolores Kelly MLA said:

“The Board believes that PCSPs have a key role to play in improving policing and community safety issues in local areas and after 2 years of operation this Report highlights what’s working well and where changes are required.

With the reforms planned for local government in April 2015 and the introduction of community planning this is a timely and welcome Report by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate. The Board will now be working with the Department of Justice to consider and implement the Report’s recommendations and findings.

The Board is committed to the future development of PCSPs and realising their full potential for the community.”