Chief Constable appointment process top priority

07 February 2019

Anne Connolly

Members of the Northern Ireland Policing Board have agreed a proposal to progress the appointment of a new Chief Constable for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and also considered the sequencing of appointments of other vacancies within the Service Executive Team.

Board Chair Anne Connolly said:

“The appointment of a new Chief Constable and the timescales for bringing permanency to a number of positions that have arisen within the Service Executive Team over the past 2 years has been given extensive consideration by the Board.

The Board has agreed that the Chief Constable appointment should take immediate priority. Other positions that are currently filled on a temporary basis will be scheduled in, but the Board also requires time to consider the future requisite structure and configuration of the Service Executive Team.

Following Board agreement, the design of an end to end Chief Constable selection process will now be developed to take the appointment forward. Given the seniority of the position and the significant transformational change programme and challenges that the PSNI will face over the next 5 years, the appointment process will necessarily be robust whilst ensuring the most suitable candidate, based on merit principles, is selected.

The Board plans to have the appointment process for the Chief Constable completed by the end of June.

The Chief Constable, at the request of the Board, has been asked to consider a short extension of his tenure, if required, to ensure continuity in the leadership of the PSNI and the appointment of his successor.”


For further information please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 07801738795

Notes to Editors

  1. The Board was reconstituted on the 1 December 2018 Further information on Board Members and the role and work of the Northern Ireland Policing Board can be accessed at
  2. Click here to view the Guidance for the Appointment of Chief Officers and Senior Police Staff Equivalents: