Chief Constable welcomed on first day in office

01 July 2019


Policing Board Members today met with the new Chief Constable Simon Byrne and witnessed his Attestation of Office.

Welcoming Chief Constable Byrne, Policing Board Chair, Professor Anne Connolly said:

“Today marks another new chapter in the history of the PSNI. In leading the service forward Chief Constable Byrne’s experience will bring a new perspective and focus to the delivery of the policing service.  

The Chief Constable position is challenging, demanding and carries a high profile and we know that there is a lot in the inbox to deal with. As a Board we are very much looking forward to working with him to tackle the challenges that lie ahead and we him wish well in his new post.

The office of Constable, and that of Chief Constable, is one that brings significant responsibilities and powers. The Attestation taken today, which all our police officers must take when they join the PSNI, is enshrined in legislation and provides a set of values and ethics that must underpin the delivery of all their duties. They are important words and by upholding this oath, the Chief Constable and all the officers of the PSNI, will continue to build the trust, confidence and support of the community they serve.”


For any further information please contact the Policing Board Communications Office on 07801 738795

Notes to editors:
Picture Caption 1: Chief Constable Simon Byrne takes the Attestation of Office in the presence of Board Chair Anne Connolly and Justice of the Peace Professor David Flynn JP LM

Picture Caption 2: The signed Attestation of Office

Attestation of Office: The attestation of office is contained within Section 38(1) of the Police (NI) Act 2000: I hereby do solemnly and sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all individuals and their traditions and beliefs; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof according to law.”