Committee Updated on Police Service Budget Settlement

Gerry Kelly

At today’s Resources Committee, Policing Board Members were briefed by the Chief Operating Officer on the draft budgetary settlement for the PSNI.

Committee Chair Gerry Kelly MLA said:

“The Committee heard from the Chief Operating Officer on the potential outworkings of the PSNI budgetary settlement which currently projects an operating shortfall of £180m over the next 3 years.

With staff operating costs representing around 79% of the PSNI’s current budgetary provision, Members were told that the potential for achieving savings of this level presents serious challenge and would likely mean a reduction in headcount.

Committee members expressed deep concern at the potential scenario of a reduction in officer levels of 900 over the next 3 years to meet the shortfall.

With discussions ongoing around the draft settlement, the Committee has asked for a further paper on the range of scenarios being considered by the PSNI to be brought to January 2022 Committee meeting for further consideration and discussion.”


For further information please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 028 90 408541