Policing Board briefed on PSNI investigation

16 June 2016

A special meeting of the Policing Board was convened today to receive a report from the Chief Constable on the remit of the investigation initiated by the PSNI into matters relating to the impropriety of student officers inappropriately sharing examination information.

During the 2 hour meeting Members questioned the Chief Constable on the actions and decisions that he had taken following this information coming to light.

Speaking after the meeting, Board Chair Anne Connolly said:

“The Chief Constable has been left in no doubt that Board Members consider this to be a very serious matter which has caused reputational damage to the PSNI.

The integrity of officers is not negotiable and public confidence in the PSNI relies on officers acting with the highest levels of professionalism in all that they do at all times.

It is deeply concerning to the Board that so many trainees, at the very start of their careers, have been prepared to engage in this impropriety. Members questioned the Chief Constable on their suitability and future credibility to perform the duties of Constable and did not agree that the sanctions imposed were appropriate or adequate.

In addition to the issues around public confidence in the service, the Board also had questions to ask the Chief Constable around the costs to the PSNI, immediate implications for the operation of the training college, and the actions that need to be taken to ensure the future propriety of the examination process. 

The Board is of the unanimous view that a clear organisational message needs to be conveyed that inappropriate behaviours can simply not be tolerated.

The Chief Constable has now been asked to ensure the investigation that is already underway is completed expeditiously and a further report is provided to the Board when complete.”


For further information please contact the Board’s Communications office on 07801 738795