Policing Board concern on PSNI budget

07 March 2019


At today’s monthly Policing Board meeting Members recorded their concerns at the lateness of notification of the budgetary position for the PSNI for the coming financial year.

Speaking about the discussions on the budget and resourcing, Board Chair Anne Connolly said:

 “Board Members share the frustration of the Chief Constable on the PSNI’s inability to undertake meaningful strategic financial planning when the notification of the budgetary settlement for the next year has still not been received.

Given the sheer, size, scale and complexity of the policing budget this has significant implications for the PSNI as does the residual issue of it not being able to carry forward strategic financial reserves.

In addition, the Board performs an important role in terms of approving the PSNI budget and this delay hampers Board Members’ ability to exercise due diligence in effectively scrutinising the PSNI’s opening budget position.

The Board will be raising this matter with relevant parties to seek to ensure that there is certainty for the PSNI budget in future years thus assisting their financial planning.”


For any further information contact the Policing Board Communications Office on 07801 738795