Policing Board Consults in Craigavon

18 June 2015

The Policing Board held a public meeting yesterday (17 June) in the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Craigavon focusing on policing priorities in the next 3 to 5 years.

The event which is part of a wider Board consultation on the development of the Policing Plan 2016-19 gave attendees the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions and question Board Members and the Deputy Chief Constable on policing issues.

Speaking about the meeting Dolores Kelly MLA, Chair of the Board’s Partnership Committee said:

“Developing the annual Policing Plan is a key statutory role for the Board and it is important that it reflects community needs. Events such as this one in Craigavon are a real opportunity to hear people’s views on policing priorities and we are delighted with the input we have received. The roundtable discussions proved particularly useful and I would like to thank all those who took the time to attend and give us their opinion on where police resources need to be focused in the coming years.

It is of course a challenging time for policing, particularly given the pressures on resources. This makes it even more important to effectively identify what the police need to do and where police activity should be focused across communities to keep people safe.

Issues such as tackling hate crime, cyber bullying and drugs, particularly in relation to young people, were discussed with the panel. The importance of two-way engagement with the community and the need for consistency in community policing across all districts were also raised. Questions on the impact of reduced resources on police service delivery were also put to the panel who acknowledged the potential for the new Policing and Community Safety Partnerships to add significant value at a local level.

Issues raised at the event will be considered by the Board in their discussions with PSNI in developing the Policing Plan. A report on the roundtable discussions will also be available on the Board’s website in due course.”


For further information please contact the Policing Board's Communications Branch on 07801 738795.

Notes to Editors

  • The Policing Board public meeting was held in the Island View Room, Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, Craigavon, BT66 6NJ on Wednesday 17 June from 7pm.
  • Facilitated by Board Member Debbie Watters, the panel consisted of Board Members Dolores Kelly MLA, Jonathan Craig MLA and Brian Rea and Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris.
  • Caption: Pictured outside the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre where the Policing Board held a public meeting are: (l-r) Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris and Board Members Dolores Kelly MLA and Jonathan Craig MLA.
  • The 2015-16 Policing Plan is produced in accordance with the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000. It is prepared by the Chief Constable, agreed and published by the Policing Board following consultation with the Minister of Justice.
  • As part of the Policing Plan consultation the Board is undertaking an EQIA on the Policing Plan 2015-16. Copies of the Policing Plan and EQIA documentation are available from the Board’s website on www.nipolicingboard.org.uk.
  • The online Questionnaire on policing priorities is available to complete on the Board’s website at www.nipolicingboard.org.uk.

Notes to Editors Ends