Policing Board publishes Human Rights 5 Year Review

An accessible PDF version of this infographic is available at the link below

The Board has today (2 July) published its Human Rights 5 Year Review, which examines PSNI performance against the 119 recommendations made by the Board’s Human Rights Advisor over the last five years.

Of these 119 recommendations, 24 have been accepted and implemented by PSNI, 8 rejected, and work is ongoing on the remainder. 

Board Vice Chair Brendan Mullan said:

“The findings of this review are encouraging, and the Board welcomes PSNI’s progress against the recommendations made by our Human Rights Advisor, John Wadham, over the last five years. 

The public rightly expects the police to conform to the highest professional standards in service delivery. This review highlights good policing practice, and also makes a further 18 recommendations for improvement.

The monitoring work undertaken by the Human Rights Advisor and the Board is on behalf of everyone in Northern Ireland. A rights-based approach to policing protects both the public and the officers and staff responsible for delivering policing. 

The willingness shown by PSNI to be held to account to the people of Northern Ireland through the Policing Board is welcome and central to the public confidence which is fundamental to its legitimacy.”

The Vice Chair also welcomed the publication of PSNI’s Human Rights Awareness Survey, commissioned by the Board in 2021. 

“It’s good news that so many officers and staff have a clear understanding of human rights and its application to policing and how they carry out their day-to-day work. 

However, there were a number of concerning response rates in areas including the prohibition of ill treatment, use of firearms and lethal force, the right to protest, and the right to privacy of officers themselves.

The Board and its Human Rights Advisor will continue to routinely monitor this data and highlight issues where necessary moving forward.”



For further information please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 02890 408 500

Notes for editors

  1. The Board’s Human Rights Annual Report provides an account of the performance of PSNI in its compliance with the Human Rights Act 1998. The 2023-2024 annual report forms part of this five year review.
  2. The full review can be found on the Board’s website here.
  3. A summary document of the review can be found on the Board’s website here.
  4. A table showing all 119 recommendations and PSNI’s responses can be found on the Board’s website here.