Publication of the jointly commissioned independently led review into the PSNI Data Breach of 8 August 2023

Board Chair

The Policing Board and the PSNI have published the findings of the jointly commissioned independently led review into the PSNI Data Breach of 8 August 2023. Policing Board Chair Deirdre Toner said: 

“As a Board we welcome the detail of the report which provides a series of recommendations for making sure that information assurance and governance policies, procedures and practice within the PSNI meets national best practice going forward. 

Whilst this review was commissioned to look specifically at PSNI systems and processes, it is evident this seminal report has lessons for policing services elsewhere. Indeed the wider Criminal Justice System and public sector organisations responsible for managing sets of personal and sensitive data will also take a keen interest in this report. 

The end-to-end process review of information security management progressed by the review team, examined 5 key areas where reform and organisational focus is needed.

The Board, working with the Chief Constable, will now take some time to fully digest and discuss the findings and the 37 recommendations made so that an action plan for implementation can be agreed. 

As a Board we remain very mindful of the immense impact that this data breach had within the PSNI and all the officers and staff who were directly affected.  We have and will continue to engage with all the staffing associations on this, and on the findings now published. 

We trust this comprehensive review will also provide the necessary assurances to all those outside of the PSNI who expressed concerns following this breach. Through implementation of these findings we hope confidence in the approach to information management within the PSNI, and the governance and oversight of that, can be fully restored. 

On behalf of the Board,  thanks are extended to T/Commissioner Pete O’Doherty, the National Police Chief’s Council lead for Information Assurance and Cyber Security, and his expert team for completing the review within the agreed timeframe; and to the expert panel members who assisted the Board in consideration of this report.” 


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Notes to Editors

  1. The Review Report can be found on the Board’s website in the publications section here: