Reinstatement of Police Widows’ pensions after Remarriage

20 June 2014

The Board as part of its role as Police Pension Scheme Administrator is responsible for providing information to scheme members, including benefits.

Following a change to the Royal Ulster Constabulary Pension Regulations 1988, widows whose widows’ pension ceased on remarriage under the RUC Pension Regulations 1988 will now have their widows pension reinstated from 1 July 2014 and anyone who believes that they have an entitlement as a result of this change  are being asked to get in touch.

The change will apply to widows whose late husband died in service from 1 January 1989 and those who retired on or after 1 January 1989 and subsequently died.

The Department of Justice is planning to explore the possibility of extending this provision to pre-1988 Royal Ulster Constabulary pension schemes.  Widows whose pension award was similarly terminated under the rules of either the RUC Pension Regulations 1973 or the RUC Pension Regulations 1949 are also asked to register an interest with the PSNI Pensions Branch given that the Department of Justice is exploring the possibility of extending this provision to these widows.

Contact can be made by writing to PO Box 401, Belfast BT1 2DR;

or by emailing; or by phoning on 028 9070 0369.


For further information, please contact the Northern Ireland Policing Board’s Communications Office on 07801738795.

Notes to editors

  • The change to the regulations has been enacted through the Public Service Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2014. The term ‘Widow’ also applies to a widower and from 5 December 2005 in the 1988 scheme, includes civil partner.
  • Click here to view the notice being placed in the main papers and advertised through online media.

Notes to editors ends