Statement on Special Board Meeting on Legacy Disclosure Failings

26 February 2019

Policing Board Members today held a special meeting to consider a report from the Chief Constable regarding PSNI failings to disclose sensitive material to the Police Ombudsman’s office in legacy disclosure.

Speaking after the meeting Board Chair Anne Connolly said:

The issues arising from legacy matters continue to have a seriously detrimental impact on policing and public confidence but most importantly on the victims and families of all those who have been affected by our troubles and are seeking information or justice.

The Board as the accountability body for policing, convened this special meeting to question the Chief Constable on the Report received.  It highlights a series of issues which centre on system failure, resourcing, IT, skills and training issues in respect of the PSNI meeting its disclosure responsibilities in this specific case and potentially others.

It is the Board’s job to make sure that the police meet their statutory duties and at today’s session Members sought clarification and explanation on how this disclosure failure occurred. The Chief Constable was asked to outline the immediate steps and actions that can be taken to address this situation and restore confidence in the PSNI approach.  

The Chief Constable has shared with the Board the Terms of Reference of an internal review that has been initiated to examine the failings identified and the Board sought assurances that this review will be resourced and completed expeditiously with regular monthly updates on progress with implementing the measures outlined. 

The Board will also be seeking a meeting with the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Justice Inspectorate to discuss the remit, terms of  reference and scope of his review and the timescale for completion.

The Board will continue discussions and will receive a further briefing from the PSNI on issues relevant to legacy matters through the Board and its Committees in the time ahead.” 


  1. A copy of the Chief Constable’s Report to the Board can be found here:
  2. Photo Caption: Policing Board Members at today’s special meeting