Keeping People Safe’ focus of latest Plan

02 April 2015

The Northern Ireland Policing Board has published the latest Policing Plan which sets out the strategic priorities and targets for policing in 2015-16. It includes a number of new measures all of which are designed to improve confidence in policing, the quality of service to the public and particularly those in the community who are more vulnerable.

Speaking about the Plan, Board Chair Anne Connolly said:

“Tackling crime in rural areas, crimes against older people, increasing the reporting of hate crime and reducing PSNI sickness levels are just some of the new measures introduced for 2015-16. In addition, reducing incidents of violent crime, domestic abuse, enforcement of road traffic offences, tackling organised crime and drugs in the community are some of the other areas prioritised for the PSNI in the year ahead.

The aim of the Plan is to keep people safe through prevention of crime, protection of people and communities and detecting those who commit crime and bringing them to justice. To acknowledge the importance of Policing with the Community, the Plan has also been revised to reflect a strengthened emphasis on quality of service, partnership working and a focus on policing priorities.”

In total the 2015-16 Plan comprises 11 outcomes, with associated performance indicators and a further 49 associated performance measures. In developing and setting this year’s targets the Board has focused its attention on setting measures that specify the level of improvement to be achieved. Mrs Connolly said:

“Whilst these targets and measures are stretching, the Board believes they are achievable despite ongoing pressures on the PSNI budget. Key to success in the year ahead will be partnership working within the community and with the Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs).”

Speaking about Police Service delivery against the Plan, Chief Constable George Hamilton said:

“The Plan reflects that this is a time of significant change in policing. There is no doubt that the financial challenges facing the Service means we will have to take difficult decisions in the future. We must adapt to these pressures and challenges whilst keeping communities at the heart of everything we do. Against the backdrop of an extremely challenging public finance environment, this Plan will ensure the most effective and efficient use of finances, officers and staff.

For the PSNI, keeping people safe is what we do; Policing with the Community is how we do it. We are committed to achieving all that is laid out in this challenging Policing Plan. But we will not achieve success alone. The Board, PCSPs and the community, have an important role to play. Only by working together, can we achieve the targets laid out in the Plan and our shared ambition to build a safe, confident and peaceful society.”

Throughout the year, the Board monitors police performance against the outcomes and measures through our public meetings and we will publish our findings via news releases, social media, on our website and in our Annual Report.


For further information please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 07801 738795

Notes to editors:

  1. The 2015-16 Policing Plan: The 2015-16 Policing Plan is produced in accordance with the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000. It is prepared by the Chief Constable, agreed and published by the Policing Board following consultation with the Minister of Justice.
  2. Monitoring the Policing Plan: The Chief Constable will provide monthly written reports and quarterly reports on performance and be questioned about the plan at the Board’s Committees and meetings in public. A full analysis of PSNI performance against all Policing Plan targets will be published in the Northern Ireland Policing Board Annual Report and in online media.
  3. Paying for the Plan: The total budget which is available to PSNI to deliver the Policing Plan during 2015-16 is £661.5m resource budget and £16m capital. Additional security funding from Treasury/NI Executive totals £61m.
  4. Local Policing Plans: Each PSNI District Commander, having consulted with the local PCSP, issues a local policing plan that, as well being consistent with the overall Policing Plan for Northern Ireland, sets out the policing priorities and measures for the area.
  5. A copy of the Policing Plan 2015-16 can be downloaded from the Policing

Board website at

Notes to editors ends.