New Corporate Plan Published

03 April 2014

The Northern Ireland Policing Board today published its new Corporate Plan for 2014 – 2017.

Speaking about the Plan which sets out Board priorities over the next 3 years, Chair Anne Connolly said:

“Our corporate vision clearly sets an ambition to work with the PSNI and key stakeholders to deliver improvements in policing. Through this plan we set out the activities which will help us achieve that.

Since the establishment of the Board in November 2001, significant changes have been delivered to policing and policing oversight and accountability arrangements in Northern Ireland. In developing the Plan, we have drawn on the experiences and lessons learnt during this time to refocus priorities and strategies.

The PSNI operates in a challenging environment and must manage the requirements of this alongside the delivery of traditional policing to the entire community. In addition, the continued financial management of finite resources and the recruitment of new officers to meet the future demands on policing means that the PSNI continues to go through a period of evolutionary change in the delivery of policing in Northern Ireland.

The Board looks forward to continuing to work with the PSNI and all of our stakeholders to make sure the people of Northern Ireland have the best possible policing service.”


For further information, please contact the Board’s Communications Office on 07801 738795

Notes to Editors

1. Policing Board: The Board was established on 4 November 2001 under the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000. It is the Board’s statutory role to secure the delivery of an effective, efficient and impartial policing service for the entire community in Northern Ireland and to hold the Chief Constable to account for the exercise of his functions and those of the police service in an open and transparent manner.

2. Corporate Plan

There is one over-arching Theme for this Corporate Plan which is ‘Promoting Public Confidence in Policing’. Linked to this theme are four objectives:

Objective 1 An effective and efficient Policing Board
Objective 2 An effective and efficient PSNI
Objective 3 Effective engagement and communication
Objective 4 Partnership working

3. Budget: A £7.366m budget has been agreed for 2014/15. This relates to resource which includes payroll and other costs. Of the £7.366m the Board provides £2.471m funding for PCSPs.

4. The new Corporate Plan can be downloaded from the Board’s website at

Notes to Editors Ends