Freedom of Information Response 2016-2018

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Meetings 2017
Adverts placed on behalf of PCSPs
Schedule 7 Powers under Terrorism Act 2000
Selected Medical Practitioner’s Decisions
Injury on Duty Awards
Information sharing between Policing Board and PSNI
Arrangements for selected Medical Practitioners
ICT information
NI Policing Board - holding PSNI to Account
Injury on Duty Awards – date of award
Chief Constable Contract
NIPB Facilities Contract
Injury on Duty Statistics
Selected Medical Practitioner Training
Judical Review - Injury on Duty
PSNI Compulsory Retirement Age (extension retirement policy)
NIPB 15 Year Anniversary Event
NIPB engagement with representatives of paramilitary groups
Injury on Duty Assessments
Cross Community Consortium report on issues affecting loyalist and republican communities
Injury on Duty Statistics
National Attendance Management Forum
Attendance at the National Attendance Management Forum
Retrospective Injury on Duty Information
IT Budget
Payments to Selected Medical Practitioners
NIPB Job Titles
Ultilities Contracts
Training and assistance to Omani Authorities
Selected Medical Practitioners
Energy Management Systems
NI Community Safety College
Injury on Duty Statistics
NI Community Safety College  
PSNI Recruitment
PCSP Members Conflict of Interest
NI Community Safety College
PSNI Promotion Board Processes
Selected Medical Practitoners
Board Members Expenses and Register of Interests
ASHE Methodology - IOD assesments
PR and Communications within the Policing Board
NIPB Advertisement
PSNI Promotion Process
PSNI Equality, Diversity and Good Relations Strategy
NIPB Advertising Costs
NIPB Telephony and Networks  
Minutes of meetings held between NIPB and Selected Medical Practitioner
Copy of Paper presented to Audit and Risk Management Committee 8 October 2015 at item 5.3
Performance Committee Programme of Work Sept - Dec 2015
WiFi Provider Contracts
PSNI Call Handling Figures
Commutation Arrears
Emergency Accommodation
Organisations authorised to operate small unmanned aircraft
Mobile Speed Cameras
Gratutities approved under Regulation 11 of PSNI/PSNI Reserve Injury Benefit Regulations 2006
Request to Second PSNI officer to Bahrain Sept 2015
Appointment of new Selected Medical Practitioner
Chief Executive Recruitment
LAN Contracts
Injury on Duty Medical Retirements
Chief Constable's residence
Fleet Contract Information
PCSP Members Expenses
National Crime Agency
Discharge form GAD-v-Milne
Minutes of meetings held between NIPB and Selected Medical Practitioner
CCTV Footage
GAD Determination
Injury on Duty Statistics
Copy of paper and outline business case for SMP contract presented to Resources Committee 24/03/16
ICT Expenditure
Injury on Duty Statistics
Notes re Scoffield presentation December 2014
Human Rights Annual Reports 2004 -2007
Chief Police Officers contracts of employment 
Information on PCSP's
Hearing Loss Claims
NIPB Organisational Structure
Rules of membership for Policing and Community Safety Partnerships
Meeting between Policing Board and NI Human Rights Commissioner
Copy of Scoffield report and guidance in relation to Police Absence Management
Retention of Records
Review into Garnerville Training Centre
Information held re: Bahrain
Engagement Programme Loyalist and Republican Communities
Ex Gratia Payments
Police Federation for Northern Ireland