How You Can Attend


Attending the public session of the Policing Board

You can find out more about the work of the Policing Board by attending the Policing Board meetings held in public where you can watch the Chief Constable present his report and answer questions from Policing Board Members.

Questions to the Chief Constable may arise from the business of Policing Board Committees and from Policing Board Members.  The procedure for raising questions with the Chief Constable is set out in the Standing Orders.

Members are required to submit questions to the Chief Executive of the Policing Board at least ten working days in advance of the meeting. The Policing Board decides whether a question is to be put in the private session or in public, or whether a question will be answered in writing.

Members also receive presentations on particular issues by the PSNI.

The public session of the Policing Board's meeting is held at our offices in James House in the Gaswork's unless otherwise stated.

Policing Board meetings in public are advertised in advance.

We will provide a parking space for anyone with a disability requiring assistance on request. Please call us on 028 9040 8500 if you need assistance.

Documents may also be made available upon request in alternative formats or languages.  Requests should be made to the Policing Board's Communications.

Rights of admission to this meeting are reserved. Please note that the media, including photographers and television cameras, attend the meetings and the meeting is also live streamed by the Board. The meeting is under the control of the Chair who may ask you to leave if  your behaviour is deemed unacceptable.

Please remember that:

  • You are here to observe the proceedings – and not to take part
  • Silence must be observed
  • Mobile phones should be turned off
  • Briefcases or large bags are not permitted
  • No food or drink should be consumed on the premises
  • Instructions from security and Policing Board members or staff must be followed at all times
  • If you do not want to be included in photography or appear on camera, please alert a member of Policing Board staff.

These rules apply to all persons in the public area.