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20 June 2014
The Board as part of its role as Police Pension Scheme Administrator is responsible for providing information to scheme
19 June 2014
Members of the Board questioned senior PSNI officers on the cause of the the highest number of complaints against PSNI
13 June 2014
Custody Visitors across Northern Ireland have made 857 unannounced visits to people being held in police custody
05 June 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has confirmed that George Hamilton will take up the position of Chief Constable
29 May 2014
The latest survey on the public’s perception of policing in Northern Ireland has been published today
29 May 2014
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has appointed George Hamilton as the new Chief Constable for the PSNI
28 May 2014
Board Chair Anne Connolly has voiced her support for the latest police officer recruitment campaign which opens today.
08 May 2014
The latest crime statistics for Northern Ireland show that there were 102,746 crimes recorded by the PSNI in 2013/14.
08 May 2014
Policing Board Members today discussed the police response to hate crime and also heard from the Rainbow Project
28 April 2014
The Policing Board is looking for volunteers to monitor future PSNI recruitment campaigns.