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19 February 2015
Board’s Performance Committee met with the Deputy Chief Constable today to discuss disclosure matters
20 January 2015
Concerned about drug abuse amongst young people the Policing Board has provided funding to several PCSPs
15 January 2015
Performance Committee have expressed concerns at PSNI’s continued delays in completing the disclosure process
09 December 2014
The Policing Board has published the final pieces of research commissioned on public confidence in policing
04 December 2014
Welcoming the publication of the CJI NI Report on the operation of Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs),
06 November 2014
Board publishes confidence in policing research
06 November 2014
Board seeks Independent Members to join PCSPs in new Council areas
04 November 2014
Policing Board in partnership with Derry Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) is holding a public meeting
10 October 2014
The Chief Constable along with the Chair of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, attended the graduation ceremony
02 October 2014
Policing Board Members have been told by the Chief Constable that the £51.4m cuts required to policing