Policing Plan 2020-25 and Performance Plan 2021/22


Policing Plan 2020-25 and Performance Plan 2021/22

The Policing Plan 2020-2025 outlines our collective policing ambition for the next five years and sets out what we want for the people of Northern Ireland. Our three outcomes for policing are:

  • We have a safe community
  • We have confidence in policing
  • We have engaged and supportive communities

The Annual Performance Plan 2021/22 sets out the indicators and measures which the Board will use to assess PSNI’s progress towards achieving the outcomes.  The Performance Plan is reviewed on an annual basis to enable the Board and PSNI to respond to any new or emerging issues.

Please click here to view the Northern Ireland Policing Plan 2020-2025 and Annual Performance Plan 2021/22.


Issuing a Policing Plan is one of the key legislative responsibilities of the Board. The Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2000 outlines the legislative responsibilities of the Board in respect of police performance:

  • Section 25(1) states that the Board shall determine, and from time to time revise,  objectives for the policing of Northern Ireland:
  • Section 26(i) states that the Board shall, before the beginning of each financial year, issue a plan (“the policing plan”) setting out proposed arrangements for the policing of Northern Ireland.
  • Section 28(4) states that the Board should prepare and publish a performance plan for each financial year

The Policing Plan also contains other information, as required in legislation, regarding the police budget, assessment of training and proposals for civilisation of police officers, details of the arrangements for assessing officers and the Justice Minister’s Long Term Objectives for Policing.
The annual Performance Plan for 2021/22 contains nine indicators and thirteen Measures which will inform the basis of the information reported to the Board by PSNI. It will tell us what progress has been made towards achieving the outcomes. 
The Policing Plan 2020-2025 was developed following a public consultation. Both Plans use the Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) framework, in line with the draft Programme for Government (PfG), and contain Outcomes, Indicators and Measures which clearly demonstrate improvement in police performance. They will be reviewed on an annual basis, allowing for the Board and PSNI to respond to issues or opportunities that emerge throughout the year.

Monitoring and Reporting

The Policing Plan is what the Board and PSNI want to achieve in the next five years, the Performance Plan is how we are going to carry it out. A 2021/22 operational Performance Monitoring Framework is also in place which allows the Board to monitor the Measures, includes a clear timeframe for reporting and ensures the PSNI provide qualitative and quantitative data.
Each Indicator within the Performance Plan is allocated to a Board Committee and takes into account the Board’s statutory responsibilities, legislation and the Committee Terms of Reference. This enables each Committee’s Programme of Work to be strategically driven to through the Policing and Performance Plan with the Committees holding PSNI to account.
The monitoring and reporting is further supported with senior PSNI representation at Committees. This provides Members with the opportunity to be informed of PSNI progress, present challenge where applicable, and discuss emerging issues or opportunities in order to ultimately assess the effectiveness of police performance. This consequently ensures the Board effectively delivers on our scrutiny and advocacy responsibilities.

Performance Plan 2020/21 Annual Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment of the PSNI’s performance against Measures within the Performance Plan 2020/21. All eleven Measures within the Performance Plan 2020/21 were presented to Members through either the Performance, Partnership or Resources Committee between September 2020 and March 2021.  This approach enabled the compilation of an evidence based Annual Assessment which takes cognisance of Members’ views and includes areas that the PSNI either: fell short on; need to revisit; or require recognition for.

Read the Annual Assesment here.