Performance Committee

The main responsibilities of the Performance Committee are:

  1. To monitor the implementation of recommendations from HMIC, CJINI and other external reports in relation to police performance, practice and policy.

  2. (To oversee and support the police service in the implementation of agreed changes to policing, including consideration of HMIC, CJINI and other external reports.)

  3. To monitor  policing performance across PSNI  in line with the Annual Policing Plan.

  4. To oversee the monitoring of the Annual Policing Plan

  5. To be informed through thematic or research information of PSNI performance in the core policing functions, prevention and detection of crime.

  6. To monitor PSNI compliance with the Human Rights Act and produce an annual report.

  7. To monitor compliance in professional standards in line with Code of Ethics,  monitoring trends and patterns in complaints against PSNI and review the Code of Ethics when required.

  8. To oversee the role and operation of the Custody Visitors Scheme.

  9. To keep informed about claims against the police service, suspended officers and the outcome of disciplinary procedures to ensure that lessons are learned and that best practice is promoted.

  10. To make arrangements for police appeals tribunals under the Appeals Regulations 2000.

  11. To consider pension forfeiture cases for police officers, in line with relevant regulations, and to make recommendations to the Board on specific cases.

  12. To consider reports of  the Police Ombudsman on investigations and liaise with the Police Ombudsman in relation to policy and practice .

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