Resources Committee

The main responsibilities of the Resources Committee are:

  1. To  monitor the implementation of PSNI  Resources strategies and related policies.

  2. To  monitor the implementation of PSNI Training and Development Strategy.

  3. To monitor trends and patterns in the recruitment of police and police support staff, and to promote and to support efforts to secure a representative police service in terms of gender and community background.

  4. To keep informed about the implementation of Section 75 within the police service in order to ensure that policing is conducted in an impartial manner.

  5. To oversee police pay, allowances and conditions of service with the exception of senior police service personnel.

  6. To undertake the Board’s responsibilities under Police and Police Pension Regulations.

  7. To undertake the Board’s responsibilities in relation to the secondment of PSNI officers up to and including the rank of Chief Superintendent.

  8. To oversee the development of a continuous improvement regime within PSNI.

  9. To monitor the effectiveness of the police service strategic financial planning process, prior to submission of annual estimates and medium/long term financial plans for the PSNI to the DOJ.

  10. To monitor police service expenditure.

  11. To consider and approve expenditure outside delegated limits or novel or contentious expenditure.

  12. To consider in-year financial bids by PSNI and to monitor the progress of PSNI Business Cases submitted to DOJ.

  13. To consider year-end financial statements for the PSNI.

  14. To consider and monitor police support service strategies and policies, including information and communications technology, procurement and estates.

  15. To consider issues relating to borrowing, sponsorship, special payments, write-off of losses and the acquisition and disposal of land and property.

  16. To approve the granting of Exemptions under Article 84(b) of The Licensing (NI) Order 1996 and Article 51 of The Registration of Clubs (NI) Order 1996.

  17. To oversee the development of Continuous Improvement within the Board.

  18. To monitor the effectiveness of the Board’s strategic financial planning process prior to the submission of annual estimates for the Board to the DOJ.

  19. To consider year-end financial statements for the Board and monitor expenditure, including expenditure outside delegated limits.

  20. To monitor, and consider as appropriate, the settlement of civil actions against the Board.

  21. To approve SPED  and relocation expenses for PSNI officers.

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