DPA Complaints


Data Protection legislation now allows dissatisfied applicants to complain directly to the Board’s Data Protection Officer. These complaints will be logged by the DPO and should they relate to a subject access request or other data subject’s rights, the DPO will contact the relevant team(s) and Information Asset Owner as part of their independent review of the request management processes.

All complaints will be recorded by the Board’s DPO and reported to the Chief Executive. Any unresolved complaints, will be escalated to the Board Chief Executive for a final decision as the Data Controller.


Information Commissioner’s Office

An individual (Data Subject), if dissatisfied with the response received, has the right to appeal directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office as the independent regulator in the UK.

Information Tribunal

Should either the individual (Data Subject) or the Board as Data Controller disagree with the ICO’s findings/action, they each have an independent right of appeal to the Information Tribunal (UK High Court).