Monitoring PSNI Compliance with the Human Rights Act 1998

The Board’s human rights monitoring work is based upon:

  1. A Monitoring PSNI Compliance which was devised by the Board’s Human Rights Advisors in 2003. It sets out in detail the standards against which the performance of the police in complying with the Human Rights Act 1998 is to be monitored by the Board and identifies key areas to be examined. There are currently 12 key areas of policing examined.
  2. The standards set out in the PSNI Code of Ethics This document lays down standards of conduct and practice for police officers and is intended to make officers aware of rights and obligations arising under the Human Rights Act 1998. Breaches of the Code therefore provide an essential mechanism by which to monitor human rights compliance.

The Performance Committee Programme of Work ensures that the key monitoring areas identified by the Human Rights Monitoring Framework are considered and discussed with PSNI and other relevant organisations throughout the year.

Each year the Board publishes a Human Rights Annual Report which contains an overview of the human rights monitoring work carried out during the year, highlighting both good police practice and areas in which practice could be improved. Formal recommendations are made where it is believed that PSNI action is necessary. Since 2005 (the year the first Human Rights Annual Report was published), the PSNI has implemented 200 recommendations contained within Human Rights Annual Reports. The Committee, with the assistance of the Board’s Human Rights Advisor, oversees PSNI’s implementation of these recommendations.

The Board’s human rights publications are available to view through the publications page of the Board’s website.