Can I ask for the information in a specific format?

You may ask for information to be provided in any form, for example, electronically, as paper documents or in summary format. You may also ask for permission to inspect records containing the information.

You must specify your preferred method of communication when you make your FOI request. If no preference is specified, the Policing Board may communicate the information ‘by any means which are reasonable in the circumstances’.

The Policing Board may charge you a fee for the cost of communicating the information, for example, photocopying and posting costs. The Policing Board will write to you regarding the cost in such cases. If the fee is not paid, the Policing Board can refuse to supply the information.

If the information you have requested is contained within the Policing Board’s Publication Scheme then we do not have to comply with your request to have the information communicated in a specific format.

If the Policing Board decides that it is not reasonably practicable to provide the information in the format you have requested, we will tell you our reasons for this. The Policing Board then has a duty to provide the information by any means which are reasonable in the circumstances.